Witch hostile mob in minecraft are you?

there are many different mobs in minecraft we are focusing on the over world hostiles no nethers or passives. i have chosen these mobs from a list of AI and that they are the bad guys.

which one are you with you be the growling zombie, secretive enderman or the annoying creeper or many more monsters. give it a try hop you like it. have fun.

Created by: Luke

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what does A B C stand for?
  2. whats your favourite food?
  3. are you smart?
  4. whats your job in a bank robbery
  5. have any relatives
  6. if so what are there initials?
  7. how long have you played minecraft?
  8. what mob was your first encounter?
  9. which one is the funniest minecraft encounter
  10. how would your friends describe you?

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Quiz topic: Witch hostile mob in minecraft am I?