Can you survive a minecraft creeper apocalypse?

In the world of minecraft,creepers are the most famous and also the most dangerous.Not only because they can explode,but also because they can climb ladders and vines

You may have killed one or two creepers,but What if they appear in large numbers and soon made it an apocalypse?In this quiz we will se if you can make all the creepers fall or just go BOOM! Note:Please answer the questions honestly so that nothing goes wrong.

Created by: RandomStuff

  1. Which kind of shelter you used to live through your first night?
  2. Which difficulty do you usually play on without dying?
  3. What was your instant reaction when you hear a "SSSSSSS"at your back?
  4. Your armour material?
  5. If you have armour,then what enchantments it have?
  6. How many torches you bring when you go into an unexplored cave?
  7. What is your house mainly made out of?
  8. Why use this material for your house?
  9. Your friend trapped your chest that when you open it,a creeper face pops out.What will you do?(YOU DO NOT KNOW ITS A PRANK)
  10. How do you get music discs?
  11. What do you hold most of the time?
  12. Do you usually critical hit mobs?
  13. Are you ready for the apocalypse?
  14. Final question:Do you like this quiz,rate/comment it,or ready to see the results?(Doesn't affect final result)

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a minecraft creeper apocalypse?