How Well Do You Know About Minecraft

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Minecraft lovers all around the world love this game and could play for hours just having fun until a creeper comes and blows up there house. Then have a little rage then build it again.

Which words would describe the knowledge you have SUPER NOOB, or LEGENDARY PRO. If you don't know then please step right up and take this quiz to know the truth.

Created by: jovon

  1. Which one of these ores just got added to minecraft Xbox 360
  2. What do you use to mine obsidian
  3. How much pieces are of obsidian is required for making the nether portal frame
  4. What is the word for when your using a hoe to prepare the land for making a farm
  5. What block is commonly found in the End
  6. Which one of these blocks can't you mine
  7. How do you make a becan light up
  8. Which is the rarest ore
  9. How do you get chainmail armor
  10. How do you tame an ocelot

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know About Minecraft