Are you a pro or noob in Supermechs

Build and customize your Mech, from thousands of available variations-Join thousands of players from all around the world in a PvP arena to decide who has the strongest Mech-Craft weapons, armor and upgrades and embed them with unique Power-Ups-Equip your Mech with Legendary gear and dominate the leaderboard-Play & Chat in real-time-Join an alliance of warriors – or start your own!-Co-op with other alliance members & become the best Mech in the world-Challenge friends and strangers in turn-based online play-Engaging single player story modeSo jump right in, pilot. Your Mech is waiting – it’s time to BATTLE!

So jump and get ready for some fun These further lines are junkEmbed Super Mechs* Super Mechs is a fun and fierce fighting game in which you take charge of an immense mechanised robot and participate in awesome turn-based combat battles.

Created by: AURAINTEGRA of
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  1. What would you choose to hit first
  2. You have critical heat and lost a turn due to overheat and the enemy has 450 health left what will you do as a mech with a tonto and purifier (Max !level items with full arena buffs)
  3. What would you prefer farming
  4. Considering you have 300 tokens.
  5. Which build you will build
  6. Is Energy Free Armor good with Energy build
  7. Which weapon is a heat weapon
  8. Which weapon is a strong weapon
  9. Which is the strongest boss
  10. What not to forget when closing SM

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Quiz topic: Am I a pro or noob in Supermechs