How Much Skyhawk is in You?

So, you think you're a Sussex Skyhawks Baseball fan, huh? You could very well be. There are thousands of Skyhawks fans in New Jersey and beyond. On the other hand, you might just a be a wannabe. (There are thousands of those, too.) So we've decided to separate the two.

This little quiz isn't exactly the SATs. We created it in the spirit of fun that characterizes so much of what fans experience at a Skyhawks Baseball game. But it will tell you (and us) just how much of a real Skyhawks' Fan you are or could be. So good luck. And no cheating. Don't go looking for answers at the Skyhawks Website. That's strictly bush league and we know you wouldn't stoop to that. Would you? We're using the honor system here. So what are you waiting for? Step up to the plate. It's your turn at bat.

Created by: rob of watson earl & partners
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  1. How long have you been following the Sussex Skyhawks?
  2. What's the name of the Skyhawks official mascot?
  3. What's the name of the Skyhawks home field?
  4. What Professional Baseball League do the Skyhawks play in?
  5. Name the two New Jersey teams in the league that are the Skyhawks' biggest rivals?
  6. Name the former major league player and manager who is the new Skyhawks Manager?
  7. How many of the Skyhawks' home games have you purchased tickets for this season?
  8. How much New Jersey taxpayer money went into building the Skyhawks' $X.X-million Home Stadium?
  9. What does a private luxury suite in the Skyhawks' home stadium cost for one night (including tickets for a party of 15)?
  10. Have you or anyone in your family ever taken part in Skyhawks' Batting Practice?
  11. What are your favorite non-baseball activities at Skyhawks home games?

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