Does Your Cat Love You?

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Literally thousands upon millions of people own cats. But I am 100% positive not all of them have a real loving friendship with their feline.

This quiz is to test whether or not you do. If you know for a fact your feline loves you, then the results shouldn't matter, but this quiz should be fun anyways. :)

Created by: AlexTheCat
  1. To make sure the results are accurate, remember to answer honestly or guess the best you can.
  2. When you come home...
  3. Has your cat ever "made biscuits" with you? :)
  4. Think carefully now, has your cat ever rolled onto his/her stomach around you?
  5. Does your cat rub his/her head against you?
  6. Does your cat allow you to groom him/her?
  7. Does your cat allow you to pick him/her up?
  8. Does your cat come right up to you?
  9. Has your cat ever fallen asleep on you? (Or beside you)
  10. Has your cat ever brought a mouse/rodent/bird/etc to you?
  11. Does your cat ever meow to you for food/other?
  12. Does your cat ever follow you around the house?
  13. Has your cat ever stared you in the eye, and then squinted/blinked his eyes? (Sometimes called a cat-kiss :)

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Quiz topic: Does my Cat Love You?