Does Your Cat Love You?

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Literally thousands upon thousands of people own cats. But I am 100% positive not all of them have a real loving friendship with their feline. This quiz

is to test wheatear or not you do. If you know for a fact you feline loves you, then the results shouldn't matter, but this quiz should be fun anyways. :)

Created by: AlexTheCat

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  1. To make sure the results are accurate, remember to answer honestly or guess the best you can.
  2. When you come home...
  3. Has your cat ever "made biscuits" with you? :)
  4. Think carefully now, has your cat ever rolled onto his/her stomach around you?
  5. Does your cat rub his/her head against you?
  6. Does your cat allow you to groom him/her?
  7. Does your cat allow you to pick him/her up?
  8. Does your cat come right up to you?
  9. Has your cat ever fallen asleep on you? (Or beside you)
  10. Has your cat ever brought a mouse/rodent/bird/etc to you?
  11. Does your cat ever meow to you for food/other?
  12. Does your cat ever follow you around the house?
  13. Has your cat ever stared you in the eye, and then squinted/blinked his eyes? (Sometimes called a cat-kiss :)

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Quiz topic: Does my Cat Love You?