How Well Do You Know The Hunger Games series?

I know there are thousands upon thousands of Hunger Games fans out there, but do YOU have what it takes to be THE best? Take this quiz and find out!

WARNING: This quiz may be harder than most; I made it that way, hehe. :) Again, thanks for choosing this quiz! Now I understand why everyone dislikes the 150 rule... I GOT IT 150 YEAH haha but please, enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Flight
  1. FYI, the questions will be from the first, second, and third books, not just The Hunger Games. And I'm making these extra hard, so if you are completely stumped but are also one of this series' most loyal followers, it's ok. Got it? But I'm sure you'll do fine. ;)
  2. First question, from Mockingjay: What is President Snow's first name?
  3. From Mockingjay: In 13, when Beetee gave Katniss her new bow, what color was the velvet on which it lay?
  4. From Catching Fire and Mockingjay: What color eyes does Annie Cresta, Finnick's love, have?
  5. From The Hunger Games: What was the first Capitol-made meal Katniss had?
  6. From The Hunger Games: What color was the dress Katniss wore on reaping day?
  7. From The Hunger Games and Catching Fire: What was the name of the head trainer?
  8. From Catching Fire: What musical instrument did Madge play and try to teach Katniss?
  9. From Catching Fire: When Katniss had her "talk" with President Snow before the Victory Tour, what was the flower iced on the cookie she crushed in her anger?
  10. What is Gale's last name (mentioned in all three books)?
  11. Ok, here's a hard one, from the first and second books: What color was the bow Katniss had in her first Games, and what color was the bow she had in the second? (she actually had 2 bows in the second, but the book only stated the color of one)
  12. Thanks for taking my quiz! And please, no bad comments if you didn't get your preferred score. Again, I made this one super hard. Mkay?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Hunger Games series?