Who Is Your Warrior Cats Partner? (OCs)

Hello! This is my first quiz, so... yeah! I was bored and thought, well, why not? Sounds fun! And this is the result. (Please don't expect too much.) :)

It's a quiz. About warrior cats. And which cat would be your type. It's literally useless, but, well, I like these kinds of things... I'M NOT WEIRD, OKAY?! JUST... SCROLL DOWN!!!

Created by: Alli

  1. First of all, what would you like to be able to do with your partner?
  2. Which food sounds most appealing (in general)?
  3. What would be a deal-breaker in a potential partner?
  4. How important is the warrior code to you? (1-10) If you don't know what warrior code is, pretty much laws, rules, general acceptable and expected behaviors, etc.
  5. Do you find yourself attractive?
  6. What grades did/do you get in school?
  7. Which word appeals to you most? (Out of these)
  8. Alright, get your imagination caps on! It's time for some... (Drum Roll Please) ROLE PLAY! *Ahem.* You see a mouse up ahead. It hasn't noticed you yet... it has a bit of a limp, too. You could catch it easily... you are rather hungry.
  9. So, how'd you like the quiz? (No effect on score, just wondering! ^-^)
  10. One last question.. SORRY! Pick a "Fate".

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Warrior Cats Partner? (OCs)