What Do You Know About Our Cats

There are many people that think they know a cat. Let's see if you know ours! Welcome to our catrific quiz. Test your feline skillz with this meowing test.

Are you a cat person. If not then that's fine but give it a try to discover your cat abilities. Learn about the cat, play with the cat, admire the cat, love the cat.

Created by: Cat Lovers Unite
  1. How many cats do we have?
  2. Koshka means what?
  3. Izzy is...
  4. Lucius has ____ color fur.
  5. Who gets along best with each other.
  6. Which one is the most wild about catnip?
  7. Who loves people food.
  8. Who's the "Parrot" cat.
  9. Who used to live in the basement?
  10. Who has the silkiest fur?
  11. Goodbye! How would Izzy, Lucius, and, Koshka (in that order) "say" goodbye to you.

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Quiz topic: What do I Know About Our Cats