How Sussex are you?

There are many wonderful people in the world and there are many places in Britain that are wonderful. What you might not know is that Sussex is the BEST.

Find out why good old Sussex by the sea is the best part of England, why when people sing 'Jerusalem' that they think of the green and pleasant land of Sussex, find out, once and for all: How Sussex are YOU?!

Created by: WuntBeDruv
  1. Sussex man born and bred, strong in the arm and thick in the....?
  2. Kent =
  3. It's called the ........... Pier?
  4. If you ask for some 'mother in law' at the pub, you're getting:
  5. Crowborough
  6. What sport is pretty much exclusive to Sussex?
  7. You want to hear some live music in a pub, you hop in your tractor and head off to:
  8. Have you seen a sheep being born?
  9. Pell's Pool:
  10. Pint of:
  11. Which direction is London, wherever you are in the world?
  12. Incinerator, swing bridge, Paradise Park, a ferry that has to do a 3-point turn in the sea to get to France. Congratulations, you're in:
  13. Where does Northern England start?
  14. If you're on a borstal you're
  15. Is Brighton part of Sussex, honestly?
  16. Seven Sisters:
  17. Chanctonbury Ring
  18. Cuckfield... 'cuck' rhymes with:
  19. You 'wunt be druv'. You:
  20. East Grinstead
  21. Have you tried the spring water in Royal Tunbridge Wells?
  22. How can you tell if somebody is from Lewes?
  23. East or West?

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Quiz topic: How Sussex am I?