How Midhurst are you?

There are a lot of clever and knowledgable people in Midhurst, but where do you fit into this category. Places and people, haunts and horrors just how will you score?

Try your luck - or could it be skill, have a go and see just 'How Midhurst you are. Will the results show you as a Northerner or truely a West Sussex downsman?

Created by: Sub999

  1. Were you born in:
  2. Where was the Omnibus & Horses
  3. Stoolball is a local game played predominantly by Ladies, what is the origin?
  4. If you were 'Goin to the Moon' would you be:
  5. The Coal Hole was:
  6. Barges used to sail to Midhurst from
  7. A visit to the 'Sanny' would be to
  8. A visit to the Mida would
  9. If you went to Budds you would be:
  10. If you stood in White City you would be
  11. The Shamrock was
  12. How many train lines were there from Midhurst
  13. If you were experiencing a Chukka would you
  14. Building bricks madein the town were made in what colour:

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Quiz topic: How Midhurst am I?