Who much of a Duran Duran fan are you?

There are 80's bands, and then there are super 80's bands. Duran Duran fall into the latter category. By a lot of people's reckoning, they were the best new romantic/new wave band of the decade, and we love them for it.

Do you like your Duran Duran? Think you can tell your Rio from your Reflex? Think you know your Taylors? Well, this is the quiz for you! With questions ranging from members to lyrics, and from films to places, you can tell how much you know your Duran Duran from this quiz.

Created by: Pez of Cräiteland
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  1. The Reflex...
  2. What are we saving for the morning after?
  3. Duran Duran's drummer?
  4. Drum?
  5. Best Song?
  6. Duran Duran... or... Spandau Ballet
  7. In which city did Duran Duran originate?
  8. Andy, John, or Roger?
  9. Which of these current band members has been in Duran Duran every year since they were formed?
  10. Ask Katy?
  11. Which three Duran Duran members made-up Arcadia?
  12. Her name is Rio and she
  13. What happens two minutes later?
  14. Is there something I should know?
  15. Where was Rio filmed?
  16. Which song was used if the film Big fat Liar?
  17. What year did Duran Duran form?
  18. Which is the best James Bond film?

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Quiz topic: Who much of a Duran Duran fan am I?