The Real Sussex Quiz

Sussex is truly one of the best counties in the country, and one the best places in the world. Our pure air breeds pure people.

The downs, the Weald, the towns. The history, geography. The very soil on which we walk is sacred. Sussex by the sea, So happy to you and me! Glorious Sussex.

Created by: James

  1. Who was the first King of the South Saxons?
  2. What does the Old English term 'Andredsweald' mean?
  3. Which Anglo-Saxon Kingdom eventually subdued Sussex as an independent entity?
  4. What is the name of the hill where King Harold fell against the Normans?
  5. What castle changed hands numerous times during the English Civil War?
  6. What town did Oscar Wilde write The Importance of being Earnest?
  7. What Sussex hill fort is the second largest in Britain?
  8. What Prince popularised Brighton in the early 19th century?
  9. What year did the railway reach Brighton?
  10. In Sussex speak what term is used to describe a true friend?
  11. In what year was Sussex disgracefully cut in two by the government?
  12. What is the world for a Bee in Sussex speak?
  13. John England's famous hymn 'Jerusalem' was penned in what Sussex village?
  14. The Sussex dialect has a particularly large number of terms to describe...?
  15. What Sussex waterway is the second fastest flowing tidal river in England?

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