How much do you know about (classic) Minecraft?

Many people heard of a famous game called Minecraft. Many people have played. Many people have bought the game and made texture packs. This is quit an amazing game, that requires a lot of knowledge.

Do YOU know everything about Minecraft? Do YOU know about who built it? Do you have knowledge for good buildings and removed gimmicks? Can YOU make good things? Find out in this short quiz!

Created by: Telinc1
  1. What must you first do when you start a new world?
  2. Fill in: It is recommended to make your house out of ______.
  3. Which of these doesn't exist in Minecraft?
  4. What do you need in order to gain access to the Nether?
  5. Who is Herobrine?
  6. How do you make glass?
  7. Which is the proper way to break stone?
  8. Fill in: You need to use a ______ _____ in order to mind out obsidian.
  9. What is immune to TNT explosions?
  10. Where can you find Diamond?
  11. What do pigs drop if killed normally?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about (classic) Minecraft?