Are you a Minecraft expert?

There are many idiots, morons, and prepubescent kids playing Minecraft. They claim to be experts yet spend all their time in creative or b----ing, but a true expert reads more than just the wiki.

Are YOU a Minecraft expert? Have you survived the first night without a starting chest? Have you rode on a pig with a saddle? Do you have 10 minutes of your life to waste? Then take this quiz!

Created by: Stephen Monroe

  1. When was Minecraft officially released?
  2. Who is the original developer of Minecraft?
  3. Who is the new lead developer of Minecraft?
  4. On which platforms is Minecraft available?
  5. Which game mode is planned and not yet available?
  6. What is the default texture pixel size?
  7. What are collections of 16x16x256 blocks called?
  8. How tall/wide/long is a block?
  9. Which dimension does not exist?
  10. What materials are required to craft a crafting table?
  11. What materials are required to craft a furnace?
  12. What materials are required to craft a Brewing Stand?
  13. What materials are required to craft an Enchantment Table?
  14. Which material/item provides electrical-like power?
  15. How many materials are required to craft a full set of armor of any type?
  16. What is the rarest ore in the game?
  17. Which mob is the most iconic in Minecraft?
  18. Which mob exists yet is unused?
  19. How long is a complete Minecraft day?
  20. What is the most popular multiplayer mod used for running servers?

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