Minecraftian's Quiz

Are you an ACTUAL Minecraftian? Well, if your not ready, play some minecraft before taking this quiz! You won't always get them all right, but once in a while, once in a while.

Minecraft is a happy game! I just love minecraft! Well, you should too, otherwise you wouldn't be taking this test. Haven't tried it yet? Play Now!!!

Created by: Delu

  1. How many hits does it take to kill a pig?
  2. What happens when you burn 1 single wooden tree trunk?
  3. Which is the second weakest armour?
  4. Who's alter is this?: 8 golden blocks in a square with moss stone in the middle, netherrack ontop of moss stone, with flames on netherrack and redstone torches around it.
  5. What were creepers originally meant to be?
  6. Is this true or false?: You will always get poisoned from raw chicken.
  7. Is this true or false?: TNT is more likely to explode with lava near it, and less likely with flames (flint and steel).
  8. What did Notch write at the very bottom of the list of updates on Beta 1.6.6?
  9. How many hits does it take to kill a sheep?
  10. How many hits is the same as on swing from a diamond sword?
  11. How many pieces of lapis do you get from smelting it's ore?

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