Minecraft Quiz 2

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You think you know the craft of Minecraft? Well than take questions that make your simple skills shine and see how we'll you know Minecraft. If you suck. Go play Eden!

are YOU a minecraftian? If so, than prove it in this 14 question quiz. This is the pride of goto quiz. THE MONECRAFT QUIZ 2. Lets see if your a DERP, of a fellow minecraftian!

Created by: Elisa
  1. What is the strongest pick? (Out of these)
  2. What are the necessary ingredients for an enchantment table?
  3. it takes 1 ______ to fill 2 ______
  4. When was the adventure update?
  5. What is a slenderman?
  6. How many different colored wools are there?
  7. How do you tame an ocelot?
  8. How do you bread wolfs?
  9. What is the main sport in Minecraft. Yes, it's playable.
  10. What is the Minecraft guys name?
  11. What is 100 blocks in real life distance?
  12. What is stronger.

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