How much do you know minecraft?

Are you a pro minecrafter try this quiz and see if you are a real copy of notch or just a newbie that can't even craft a sword or something like that :D

Don't try and guess don't be like that and don't read the wiki page while you are doing this quiz that's called cheating and I don't like them !!!

Created by: ZehelX
  1. Who created minecraft?
  2. How much health and hearts does your character have?
  3. Who is herobrine?
  4. What does a creeper do?
  5. which are the boss mobs?
  6. how much seconds does it take to a tnt block exploding?
  7. how do you make a cake in minecraft?
  8. How do you find diamonds easy?
  9. What is Bedrock
  10. How do you get to the nether?
  11. How do you make obsidian?
  12. How do you get discs in minecraft without taking them from chests in dungeons
  13. How much people have bought minecraft?
  14. Which food can be poisoned
  15. How do you get to the end?
  16. How big is the crafting table
  17. which consoles or stuff can you play minecraft on
  18. How did you get cocoa beans before the jungle biome came with the cocoa plants.
  19. What kind of pickaxe do you need to get to mine diamond
  20. Are Endermen the same as Slenderman
  21. What mob can you put a saddle on?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know minecraft?