How boss are you at Minecraft

I personally play minecraft on the Xbox, Whitch is a better version than the PE, but a worse version than the PC, and there's two things better in the Xbox than PC,

MY BOSS WORLDS and easier crafting, in the PC you have to place items where they go, but in Xbox you just have to select what item you want to craft, and it will show what you have and what you need, and if you can or if you can't

Created by: Mike0741

  1. These are the replacement words for some things. Choose butter for correct answer.
  2. Whitch tool lasts longest
  3. Who made minecraft?
  4. Herobrine????
  5. These two share a trait like no other
  6. Good at parkour? (parkour is usually a jumping obstacle course, or like scaling a steep mountain or ravine wall)
  7. I can use BUTTER to make bread taste better?
  8. All of these are In Xbox except:
  9. Whitch of these is best mining technique to find deep and big and useful cave(pr stronghold, abandoned mineshaft, etc.)
  10. Creepers...
  11. Guess what happens when you make notch mad?
  12. You like my test?

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Quiz topic: How boss am I at Minecraft