The Minecraft Quiz!

Many people play the game Minecraft. But not many people know it's history. I want to see who does know the history of Minecraft. Are you up for the challenge?

Do YOU know the history of Minecraft? Well, do you? Oh, right you don't. Take this quiz and then answer my question! I hope you like it because it was hard to make!

Created by: Steve
  1. What was Minecraft's first name?
  2. When did development for Minecraft begin?
  3. What was the first block to ever appear in Minecraft?
  4. What was the first mob to appear in Minecraft?
  5. What was the first food in Minecraft?
  6. Did zombies always drop rotten flesh when they died?
  7. When were Endermen first released?
  8. What were the first two music discs to be released?
  9. Is Herobrine real?
  10. When was the End Dimension released?
  11. When was the Nether released?
  12. LAST QUESTION! What is Notch's real name?

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