How to tell if your a Minecraft fan.

There are many people, but are you one of THOSE people. One of THOSE Minecraft people, who play the game, did the research and know are you, *********** ready to take the test?

Are YOU a Minecraft fan, do you know the stuff to take this quiz? Do you know how to play the game, have spare time and want to take this test? Well you've come to THE RIGHT place!

Created by: Jakob

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  1. Who created Minecraft?
  2. What year was Minecraft made?
  3. What month was Minecraft made.
  4. What is Minecraft?
  5. What is Minecraft made for?
  6. Which is the Rarest?
  7. What are the modes?
  8. What month was Minecraft made for the xbox?
  9. How popular is Minecraft?
  10. What is Mood of Minecraft?

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Quiz topic: How to tell if my a Minecraft fan.