How Well do You Know Minecraft?

Minecraft. Minecraft is an extremely popular PC game that was created, a while back. It is currently in 1.6.2 but you may be playing this later, and when Minecraft is updated. Minecraft is about building and surviving the blocky world of your creation. Can you survive the hordes of monsters awaiting you in this thrillingly fun game?

Are YOU a Minecraft pro? Probably not, but if you think you are, take this quiz to test your Minecraft skills. Are you ready to take the Minecraft Quiz? If you are, lets begin.

Created by: Chandler Pierce Guyton
  1. How do you craft a bucket?
  2. What do players refer the NPC Villagers to?
  3. Which of the following is NOT in Minecraft
  4. What is the most valuable ore in Minecraft?
  5. How much hunger does an apple restore?
  6. How much sugar cane does it take to make 12 book shelves?
  7. What is one trait that wolves DONT have.
  8. What command sets the time to day?
  9. What traits do Zombies have?
  10. What do compasses do?
  11. How many sticks are required to make 5 iron pickaxes?
  12. What does bedrock do?
  13. Creepers......
  14. What is the difference between white wool and red wool.
  15. Skeletons are archers. True or False?
  16. Spider Jockeys are Zombies riding Spiders. True or False?
  17. 3 blaze rods are required to make a brewing stand. True or False?
  18. This is the last question. True or False.
  19. This is the end.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Minecraft?