Which Minecraft Mob are you? [with pictures]

Ever wondered which mob you would be if you were in Minecraft? Here you can find out! (I tried very hard on this quiz, so even if you don't like it, please know that I worked hard on this)

The quiz is only 15 questions, and you need to play Minecraft in order to know some of them! Now go ahead and do this thing, and find out your mob when you're done!

Created by: Idiotic Squidboi
  1. What's your favourite colour?
  2. What's your other favourite colour?
  3. Do you start fights?
  4. Are you quiet?
  5. Do you like being the center of attention?
  6. What's your element?
  7. Which block is your favourite?
  8. Favourite mob drop?
  9. Choose a time of day
  10. Choose a biome
  11. How tall are you?
  12. Night or day?
  13. White or Black
  14. Good or Bad
  15. Fight or flight

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Quiz topic: Which Minecraft Mob am I? [with pictures]