What you know about minecraft bosses?

There are many minecrafter, but very few real pro out there. A real minecraft pro knows about boss, how to fight them, how much health, where to find them and why there are myth.

Does you are minecraft boss hunter pro of all pro? that was very hard? Just answer this quiz, and in just few minutes you will find out whether you are true pro of boss hunter or just another noob.

Created by: Aiman
  1. Where to find ocean monument
  2. How to fight elder guardian effectively
  3. How to get material to summon wither ?
  4. How to fight wither?
  5. How to fight wither?
  6. How to go to the end?
  7. How to kill ender dragon?
  8. does herobrine exist
  9. What your is ideal material to made your house from in overworld?
  10. What your inventory look likes?
  11. What is the strongest block to break?
  12. How to you mine diamond?
  13. What is the weakest block?
  14. What is the weakest block?
  15. What is the weakest block?

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