How well do you know minecraft bosses?

Lots of people play Minecraft and know the bosses. But do you have the knowledge to be a boss master? It is hard to be one and you have to train. A boss master is a very heavy title, after all.

Are YOU a boss master? Do you know so much about them to be named one? You will know after you take this quiz. Whether it be the black dragon or the charred evil, this quiz will tell you.

Created by: Leo is swag
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  1. What is the boss you have to summon?
  2. What is the boss that lives in the end?
  3. Which boss has more HP?
  4. What boss is the "final boss?"
  5. What boss is bigger?
  6. What boss would win?
  7. Which boss has cool death animation?
  8. Which boss hates all living things?
  9. Which boss was added to Minecraft first?
  10. What boss is easier?
  11. This question is unlucky
  12. How did you like dis quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know minecraft bosses?