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Hi This Is My Second Quiz So Far And I Would Like To Show You What I Can Do In These Quiziez This One Is A Very Very Hard Quiz I Had To Go On The Minecraft Wiki... And I Had To Think Of Things And It Took me An Hour To Make So I Hope You Enjoy!

This Is A Really Hard Minecraft Quiz Most Likely Your Going To Get A Bad Score And Only Some People Get A Good Score And Im Sorry If This Is Outdated

Created by: 4Tristan4

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  1. What year were you born?
  2. How Do You Get A Server?
  3. How Do You Mine Wood?
  4. How Much Does Minecraft Cost?
  5. What Is The Minecraft Website?
  6. How Many Blocks And Items Are In Minecraft?
  7. What Version Is Minecraft At?
  8. How Many Sword Enchantments Are There?
  9. Which Animal Isnt In Minecraft?
  10. Which Item Was Supposed To Be In Minecraft?
  11. How Many Villagers Are In Minecraft?
  12. How Many Weapons Are In Minecraft?
  13. Did Herobrine Exist In Minecraft?
  14. How Many Types Of Minecraft Are There?
  15. Does Notch Have A Youtube Channel?
  16. Does Herobrine Have A Username?
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