Are you a minecraft Noob or Pro?

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There are noobs and pros and we must do what we can to separate the terrible bonds between rotted square brains and pure pixel muscles! GO AND PROVE YOURSELF AS A MINECRAFTIAN!

Do you have a heart of minecraft or are you just wasting our time? COME PROVE YOURSELF NOOB OR PRO BECAUSE BOSSES KNOW IT ALL! Lets see what you've got!

Created by: Amaterasu
  1. Who created music for the music disc?
  2. What is the rarest ore in Minecraft?
  3. Who created the ZombiePigMan skin?
  4. How long is a minecraft DAY?
  5. What is the original wiring in minecraft?
  6. Name a mob that isn't in minecraft.
  7. How far do endermen have to fall atleast in order to die?
  8. Why did Notch sell Minecraft to Microsoft instead of Steam?
  9. Who is the lead programmer?
  10. When was Minecraft created?

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Quiz topic: Am I a minecraft Noob or Pro?