Minecraft are you a pro or noob

Do you wanna see if you are a pro or noob well then try this quiz and you will know please dont mine the first 2 questions they have to be there and you know that if you played other quizes

Can you score pro will you score noob :3 anyway this quiz is not to hard and you will know that i might make a few more minecraft quizes but for know this 1

Created by: Hunter Martin

  1. Can you break bedrock with a dimiand pickaxe?
  2. How do you craft bedrock
  3. Are there baby zombies?
  4. Witch is not a mob
  5. Who is steve
  6. What is a mod
  7. How do you pwn in pvp
  8. Whats a good chance to find dimand
  9. What does redstone do?
  10. What do you think about this quiz

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Quiz topic: Minecraft am I a pro or noob