Minecraft quiz 1.5.2 (for pros)

Hello! Hello! My friends and I simply wanted to make a quiz with questions that not so many know of :-). I really hope you like it, and please comment if so.

Are you a minecraft nerd, pro or noob? You will soon find out in this straightforward test. I hope you like it and please read the final quiz comment (important!).

Created by: starpoo1&BossTeo
  1. What happens if lava floats down on water?
  2. In which update has/will horses be added?
  3. Which popular mod has minecraft stolen the horses from?
  4. What is the most usual mineral in minecraft?
  5. Which skin do you begin with?
  6. Who is the guy that you play with in minecraft called?
  7. Who is the god of mineraftism?
  8. From which country does Minecraft come?
  9. Who is the biggest Swedish youtube[er] channel that has made a Minecraft video?
  10. What is hell in Minecraft?

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