How Historian are you?

There are hte math geeks, science geeks but the rarest of them all is the historian, the historian knows his facts by heart, can distinguish fake facts frome real ones, you think you know your history

Are you a historian, you think you can differentiate youre free frenh from vichy french? Your Bourbon dynasty from Hapsburg? Your Avignon popes from Roman popes? We'll find out...

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  1. The Opium wars were conducted between
  2. Fill in the blank: Four Score and Seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this _______
  3. Napoleon was exiled twice the first in Elba and the last in ______
  4. Where was John F. Kennedy killed
  5. The U.S's national anthem was made during the...
  6. Are you bored with this quiz?
  7. Who said this line: " I am the Republic"
  8. Benazir Bhutto:Pakistan as Corazon Aquino: _________
  9. What's the latin of the quote in question no. 9?
  10. Who was the first emperor of China?
  11. Last question. The fathers of history are Herodotus and _______

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Quiz topic: How Historian am I?