How Well Would You Survive in Minecraft?

There are many people who play Minecraft survival edition. But even those who don't play sometimes wonder about what it would be like playing it! Take this quiz!

Find out if you are truly suited to survive in a game of survival mode Minecraft You will be rated on how well you would survive from 0 to 100% take this quiz!

Created by: oldgoy245
  1. You just started a new game of survival mode in Minecraft. Its getting dark soon you...
  2. Lets say you have built a house now. What do you do next during day time?
  3. Now it is the second night and if you go outside zombies and monsters will attack you what do you do?
  4. QUCIK! You see a heard of cows! What do you do...
  5. Well it has been long enough are you going to make a mine?
  6. When mining what is your favorite thing to find?
  7. What do you do when a creeper is coming towards you?
  8. When you see a dog what are you NEVER suppose to do?
  9. What happens when you give a dog a bone?
  10. What are things you should stay away from?
  11. What is the best material to make tools, weapons, and armor out of?
  12. Last question. Do you play Minecraft? Or are you just curious if you would survive or not?

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