Will you Survive in a Shipwreck?

Pretend that you were in the old days, where technology was bad and you had to survive a shipwreck like Pi in Life of Pi. He found ways to survive in the giant Pacific Ocean.

But can you do it? Do you think you are a survivor? What if you're stranded in the Pacific Ocean with only you and your boat and supplies. Do you believe in yourself?

Created by: Hello It's Me
  1. Have you been to the coast before? Not including lakes or rivers.
  2. Have you been to very isolated areas in the ocean before? Like Palau, Hawaii or Seychelles.
  3. How confident are you in swimming?
  4. You're thirsty, but how will you get pure water?
  5. Now you're hungry. Out of all the choices below, what will you eat?
  6. Let's say you have a pack of outdated biscuits and lion fish is currently the only fish available. What do you choose to eat?
  7. You see thunder clouds rolling your direction. You know a storm is coming. What will you do?
  8. You see land but you don't know where you are. Do you...
  9. You've reached Mexico!
  10. What do you think you'll get?

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive in a Shipwreck?