Can you survive on just your wits?

Before all this, before technology and science and medicine and entertainment, there were humans. Humans who used all of their capabilities, faculties and resources to survive.

The human race has gotten lazy. The arts of archery and spear-throwing have been reduced to nothing but mere competitive sports. The ability to make traps and to hunt are not needed anymore except to fill a hobby. Take this test and see if you survive the Old World.

Created by: Aloy
  1. You are stranded on an island. What is your main concern?
  2. You've got all the above items. Well done. Now what?
  3. What weapons do you have?
  4. You've got all your items, you've eaten some food, you're well protected and you've just had your first night. Morning is upon you and you... What?
  5. Now you know the island, what next?
  6. Let's jump a head a little. You've been here a week. What do you miss the most?
  7. It's time to hunt once more. How are you going about doing this by the way?
  8. What have you been doing with your spare time?
  9. After a month of surviving, how are you feeling, emotion-wise?
  10. After a month of surviving, how are you feeling, physical- and mental-wise?
  11. A helicopter arrives at the island to take you home.
  12. Should there be more quizzes like this?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive on just my wits?