Can You Survive Without Technology

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Nowadays technology is a important part of our society. We use it for everything. School, work, social media, you name it. But do you really thing we could SURVIVE... without out technology?

Well, in this test you will test yourself to see if you could ever survive without technology if it ever went away. Test yourself and and find out the answers!

Created by: Tamara Jordan
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  1. How often do you use electronics and/or technology?
  2. Do you always buy the new technology the moment it comes out?
  3. Does everyone in your family use technology?
  4. What's your favorite electronic?
  5. Would you give up using technology if you had to?
  6. What was your first piece of technology?
  7. Do your electronics keep you from getting things done?
  8. How often do you put your electronics down?
  9. At what age did you receive your first piece of technology?
  10. What do you use your electronics for?

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive Without Technology