Would You Survive Being Kidnapped

In the unlikely case that you will be kidnapped will you have the wits to survive? Or will you perish while making the kidnapper mad? You will find out.

Thanks to this quiz we can test your wits and see if you know what to do if YOU are kidnapped please please please remember to give this a great big 5 stars.

Created by: naboo
  1. You see a black van following you. What do you do?
  2. The people in the van are too fast for you. Later you wake up chained and gagged on a table, what do you do.
  3. A guy come in. He asks " do you want to know why you are here?" you...
  4. His face darkens and says, " because I need a diversion. You will give lots of money and afterwords, we will have public sex, then the police won't suspect a thing!"
  5. He knocks you out. Later, you see him with his friends playing poker. What do you do.
  6. You are knocked out again.
  7. Later you find yourself outside naked, tied to a mattress and the man comes and has sex with you. You don't care but then you spot your boyfriend in the crowd. What do you do.
  8. You are yet again knocked out.
  9. When you wake up you are in another bed this time you recognize it! It's yours!
  10. Then the man comes in and says, did you enjoy the movie?
  11. Its dad. " you fell asleep in the middle of it. You were pretty sleepy!" what do you think?
  12. Will you give this quiz a big 5 stars?

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