How long will you survive if you were kidnapped?

Not many people survive being kidnapped. If you get kidnapped you could be one of the survivors. Take this test and you will find out if you have what it takes to survive being kidnapped.

This test will not only tell you how long you would live it will also tell what the kidnapper will do to you. It would only take a few minutes and it will reveal your future.

Created by: anjoli and sanjoy
  1. Where was the 'monster' hiding when you were a child?
  2. How smart do you think you are?
  3. How good are you at opening a locked door?
  4. What would you say if someone nominated you to be the nurse's assistance or 'class nurse'?
  5. What is your favorite fighting style?
  6. Favorite subject
  7. What is one of your favorite lab or lesson in science?
  8. Which club would you join if you had the chance?
  9. Favorite number
  10. Best weapon of choice
  11. Where do you think you would most likely for you to be kidnapped?
  12. What is your preferable transportation going a far distance?
  13. What type of doctor would you be if you had to be one?
  14. Which of these items would you take if you were going camping:
  15. Chose one of the meals that are yummy!
  16. Choose one of these drinks that are yummy!
  17. what shoes are you most likely to be wearing?
  18. Which of the following can you do the best or think you could do the best?
  19. If you knew you were going to be kidnapped what item would you want to have with you?
  20. What is your favorite t.v show?
  21. Do you think you will survive?

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Quiz topic: How long will I survive if you were kidnapped?