Will you survive being kidnapped?

Many people think they could survive being kidnapped, but CAN you? Take this qiuz and see if you can and/or will survive it. I personally hope you can. Good luck!!

Just remember that you are special, in this qiuz the 'you' is more special than anyone. This is an exaggurated instance of kinapping, so if you can survive this, you could survive less than this!

Created by: Amanda

  1. You were at an dance. You aren't a big fan of the dresses or the tuxes, so you have a dufflebag with your extra clothes (t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers) as well as your iPhone. When you leave, you have three taxi's you could choose from. Which one?
  2. You get into one of the taxi's, and the driver locks the door.
  3. Suddenly in the dark light you see him drive past your house! You....
  4. Eventually, late at night, you become drowsy and fall asleep. When you wake up, you're lying across the taxi backseat, but your hands are tied behind you, feet tied together, and gagged. What do you do?
  5. Whatever you tried to do failed, and you're stuck like that. You realize how tired you are, and try yo get back to sleep. You do, and when you wake up, the driver is carrying you like a baby. Where is he taking you? (Any one of these you coose is in the middle of nowhere, BTW)
  6. Wherever you are, he eventually reaches an abondoned warehouse (why else would he take you to it?). He's puffing, so he sets you down onto the floor and kneels besidee you using a knife to take off the rope around your ankles. You...
  7. He helps you back up and gently but firmly pushes you to a room. You are still a bit tired, and in the room there is a bed. He takes you to it and helps on it. You fall asleep immediately. When you wake up you are tied to a chair with your arms on the handrests, and each leg tied to a seperate leg. You are stil gagged, and all alone. You....
  8. A few minutes later, the driver comes in. He silently comes over and takes your gag out. You look up at him. If eyes could shoot daggers, he would have been covered in daggers. He walked backwards and pulled up a chair and sat near you. "Why?" you whimper, immediately wishing you were a bit braver. "This secret government needed a guinea pig, and you just happened to be there at the perfect moment," he replied. Then somebody comes up behind you, and painlessly knocked you out. Where do you wake up?
  9. Seeing you're awake, a docter-looking-guy gabbes...
  10. The doctor either uses whatever you chose. Pain spread through your body. You pass out. Whn you wake up..
  11. You try to get away, but as soon as you move, you realize you are SO tired, and fall back asleep instantly. You wake up again, with your hands tied in front of you, in the car. The rope is long and is held at the end by Taxi Driver. You are gagged, and when he notices you're awake, he helps you out of the car. You are on an island by woods. Taxi Driver starts walking, pulling you along. Far into the woods, by a cottage, he stopped, and untied you. But he rammed you up against the tree trunk before you could do anything, and bound you to the tree. "I'm sorry," he said before ducking inside. What do you do?
  12. You eventually fall asleep, and wake up. But it's different. The ropes are severed, like sombody had yanked them away. a twig snapped. You....
  13. It's not Taxi Driver. He sees you and explains that he is here to save you. But only if he can tie you up. What's your choice?
  14. You were knocked out, and you wake up on the island, tied to a pole, only tighter than on the tree. You thought you were alone, but you hear crying by you, to the left. There's the boy, and he's in trouble. And so are you. You're in a cave, one that will flood as the sea level rises. What do you do?
  15. Either way, someone walks in. "Oh no!" she shout. She walks over to you and unties you. You help with him. "We live here," she said. "And you were brought here for us." Hearing that, you..
  16. You are surrounded before you can get high in the air or near the dock, surrounded by others no older than you. They grab you and the other boy then...
  17. You sleep and wake up changed to the tree, and same with the other boy. You decide to escape, and start a colony like they seem to have done. You struggle to unbind yourself, and when you're free, you unbind they boy. You try to fly, and fly high enough to see the entire island. You see an island and fly to it. You set him down. You start making a hut, but it gets down as soon as you think about it. You are safe. FOR NOW.

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Quiz topic: Will I survive being kidnapped?