Would you Survive being Kidnapped

Being kidnapped is like hell. You never get your way. You have to follow the kidnapper's orders. I know, it's not fair. Never try to be kidnapped, ever.

Would you get kidnapped? Would you do it on purpose or not. I would try to never get kidnapped. Even though I was never kidnapped, I bet its super bad.

Created by: queenboss345😚

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  1. You are walking down an street. A van pulls up. The van is following you. What do you do?
  2. Anyway, he was fast. As soon as he got to you he knocked you out. You wake up in a room. Your arms,and legs, are tied to a chair. What do you do?
  3. He comes in the room and has a gun. He says " You people are to easy to catch. You want me to tell you why your here." What would you say.
  4. "Well you are here because you are my bait. I will create a distraction. You will give me money. You will by having sex with me In public after." He said. What would you say?
  5. He leaves the room. But an hour later he comes in and knocks you out. You wake up outside naked. But you are tied to a bed. What would you do?
  6. He comes out the door and haves sex with you. You thought that felt good. He got alot of money. But he knocked you out. You wake up in your home. You find your boyfriend sitting on a couch. What would you say?
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