would you survive being kidnapped?

have you ever wondered if you would survive being kidnapped! do you think you could escape and live to tell your friends! well take this quiz to find out.

do you think you are smart, witty, brave, and strong enough to escape being kidnapped? see if you have the skill to escape this quiz and have fun!!!!

Created by: vienna

  1. you are walking home. you walk into the dark alley way that always makes you shudder, you see a black van pull up infront of you what do you do?
  2. you see a man with a mask on get out of the van. what do you do?
  3. what ever you did he was to fast, he runs up to you and knocks you out. you wake up in a room, you are tied to a chair (your hand tied to arm rests and and your legs each tied to a chair leg) what do you do?
  4. a man comes in with a gun, he points at you and says "you were just to easy to catch but i guess you want to know whats going on don't you, well your parents are rich and i'm holding you for ransom" you reply:
  5. he knocks you out, you wake up in a dark room with a matress and your tied to a ring attached to the wall behind the matress, what do you do?
  6. you get knocked out again (unless you choose get on the matress and fall asleep) you wake up:
  7. where ever you chose you get knocked AGAIN and you wake up in a cave tied to a pole the caves next to the ocean and you'll drown when the tied rises what do you do?
  8. then you fall asleep and wake up in the back of your moms car, what dod you do?
  9. will you comment?
  10. did you like this quiz

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