kidnapped part 1

you have been kidnapped what will you do will you survive will you die will you escape or will you be stuck in your prison forever find out in this fun and easy quiz

will you be kidnapped if so this quiz will help/you know what to do will you picklock the chains will you beat up all the bad guys will you call the police obn them

Created by: legs
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  1. you see a big white van aproaching you what do you do
  2. 5 people jump out of the van and start runin to you what do you do
  3. they tie you up and put a gag in your mouth then shove you into the van what do you do
  4. they take you to a room and chain you there then lock the door what do you do
  5. what gender are you
  6. if you are a female a guy comes into the room and starts telling you that they plan to keep you hostage so that thry can make lots of money what do you do
  7. if you are a male the whole group comes in and starts tying you up even tighter so that you can not get away and then give you stale food for dinner
  8. they laugh and tell you that they are going to keep you for a long time so you better get used to it
  9. a guy comes in and starts unlocking the chains what do you do
  10. he starts leading you out of the room but then is is caught and some guy pushes you up on the wall and you black out then you wake up in the room again so goodbye for mow go to kidnappedd part 2 what did you think of this quiz

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