Surviving the life of a dragon

You think you can survive the life of a dragon? LOLOLOL no. I bet you won't be able to handle firing food and protecting your young. It comes easy to us humans because we have resources we take for granted...

So you think you can survive a dragon's life? Kind of a quiz of skill. You need o avoid suspicious things, and rely on vague hints. Lol try your luck.

Created by: Enderman
  1. You hatch out of a brown speckled egg, the beginning of your life. You are dark red with four legs, large wings, and you breathe fire. You have no siblings but your mother is purple. What do you do first?
  2. Your mother is teaching you how to fly when suddenly you fall. You will survive but your right wing is badly hurt and you can't fly for the next 6 weeks. Now what?
  3. It begins to rain. Your mother tells you to get inside until it clears up, and you ask why. She says the lightning is close.
  4. Years fly by and soon it is time to move on. You become mates with an old friend, Thundercloud. She/he asks you where your lair should be.
  5. So you find a lair an lay a big green egg. It hatches into a silver male. Your feeding it while your mate says he/she is going hunting and he will be back by moonrise. Thundercloud does not return.
  6. A massive blue dragon the size of who-knows-what comes and claims to own your territory. Battle cannot be avoided.
  7. The dragon is much more powerful than you and you can't stop it so you take the baby and leave. You find a cave you can shelter in. So soon the silver male is old enough to move on, and you're back at square one.
  8. You're an old dragon and the time has come to start hoarding treasure and rely on your environment for survival.
  9. You are snowed in your lair and your cave has no food or water.
  10. Enjoying it? (no effect)

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