How well do you know Minecraft?

Minecraft is an awesome game. And also, it doesn't even matter if you are a noob. A bad thing Minecraft has is that you don't know how well you know the game.

This quiz is made for you to test out and see your Minecraft rank. Go for it, find out! And if you are a noob, don't worry, you'll learn about things!

Created by: MinecraftianTB39
  1. When did Minecraft get released?
  2. What are Creepers?
  3. What's the Nether?
  4. What is the best and cheaper way to obtain wool without hurting sheep?
  5. What is the starting material for every potion?
  6. What is required to make a potion and what materials do you need to make it?
  7. Best way of fighting creepers?
  8. What buildings has a village got?
  9. Have you ever met Herobrine?
  10. How is the creator of Minecraft? Does he still control the game?
  11. What is the most useful redstone device?
  12. What version of Minecraft was the latest at October 29th, 2013?
  13. What's the size of a Minecraft world?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Minecraft?