Are you special..............Or not?

Have you ever felt like you were always the odd one? Yes? Take this quiz. No? Take this quiz anyways. Answer all the questions honestly for the best/honest results.

This quiz will see deep into your soul....hide your secrets. Just kidding. But are you special? Do you feel special? Do you want to be special? This quiz ain't exactly accurate, so don't kill me.

Created by: Coweatgrass
  1. Have you ever felt different? (Please answer honestly.)
  2. Have you ever felt different? (Please answer honestly.)
  3. You see popular people picking on another kid. You....
  4. Do you have social issues?
  5. Do you send or create chainmails?
  6. Bleck. So..... Potato or unicorn? (This does not affect your score.)
  7. Do you feel like your teachers are teaching you wrong?
  8. you have a life?
  9. Do you stand up to your teachers and for your opinions?
  10. Imagination, creativity, or both?

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Quiz topic: Am I special..............Or not?