What power do you have?

Some people are very special and do not know that.. It can be a good special or bad.. You Chose that.

Maybe you have powers.. So check out this quiz to see who you really are.....

Created by: Zoe

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  1. Some people love nature or hiking do you? Please be honest with these questions.
  2. I love swimming it is fun! I also love to fish! It can be fun in the water what do you think?
  3. Crackle crack! I feel cozy next to the hot fire on a cold day, it is always nice to have the smell of burning candles too, do you like this feeling?
  4. Hummmmmm... Huuummm.. Just meditate... Hmmmm... Do like it??? Hmmm..
  5. No!! Why a commercial.. Why.. Oh! The tv shows back on! Now computer time!!! Yay! ;-) Are you ever like this?
  6. Like to build houses with bob da builder!!
  7. Dose love affect you? Do you have a crush?
  8. Bounds questions: do you feel connected with magic?
  9. Ahh.. The nice breeze of the wind do you love it?
  10. Last question: Have you tried magic

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Quiz topic: What power do I have?