What powers should you have

Take this quiz and let's know what your power might be! There's ........... Oops! Can't tell! Sorry! Anyways, everybody wants to know their power (just a maybe) you came to the right place!

Do YOU have what it takes to know your power? Do YOU want to know it? Do YOU *thinks for a while* oh nevermind! Want to know your power? Everyone does! Who doesn't! You came to the right place to know you power!

Created by: Nea

  1. What colour do you like?
  2. What's your hobby?
  3. Are you 'cool'?
  4. Are you 'hot'?
  5. A girl/boy walks up to you and says hello,what would you do?
  6. The other girl/boy sits next to you in healing class
  7. Your popular, in cafeteria you sit with your besties on the popular table and a nobody girl/boy wants to sit with you and your besties
  8. You buy some soup in the cafe and you spilled the soup everywhere!
  9. What instrument would you like to play
  10. What power would you like to have?

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Quiz topic: What powers should I have