Which Magical Power Do You Have?

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There are many powers in this world. They are envied and wanted by almost every one. There are a wide variety of powers out there. Nearly every one of them is sorted in to a category, and can be identified as either Offensive or Defensive. Destructive or Nurturing.

Which powers do you have? Elemental? Shadow? Animal? Physical? Mental? Which title do you hold? Find out what you've always wondered in this personality based quiz!

Created by: Dragonkitty

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  1. You see a kitten in the park. It's mewling desperately and looks lost. You want to take it home so badly! Your parents don't allow you to have pets though. You...
  2. You're asked to create a science project for 50% of your mark. Science isn't your favourite subject, and you're not really thrilled about it. You...
  3. What are your grades like?
  4. Your friends...what are they like?
  5. What are your favourite genres?
  6. You're at the movies with your friend. All of a sudden she feels very ill, and wants to leave. What do you do?
  7. Which of these is your favourite?
  8. Which of these things are your favourite?
  9. Which symbol best represents you?
  10. You are walking alone in the forest when you hear some noises off in the distance. It is night time. You...
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Quiz topic: Which Magical Power do I Have?