I'm sorry . . . . . I QUIT

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I look up and see my name in lights, All the people coming here tonight. Everybody's gonna have big fun. (big fun, big fun, big fun) I got my guitar and microphone, On the stage is where I feel at home, Now we're rolling in to rock the house. (rock the house, the house, the house) And I know that you can hear me from the front to the back, Gonna show you a good time, Cuz this is where it's at! (at, at, at)

Feel the speakers pumping through your veins, Look around you, this is just insane, So get out and rock this night to end, Oh no, no. You're so loud I don't think I can hear, my heart beat but I see oh- so-clear; All the smiling faces in the crowd (in the crowd, the crowd) And I know that you can hear me, I'm the leader of the pack, Gonna play you some good songs back-to-back! (HAHA That's Aj's (in the pic) theme song. So preppy.... Just like her)

Created by: Orange Fusion
  1. THE E.N.D
  2. Yeah . . . . This is my end in GTQ.
  3. And i'm not gonna comeback.
  4. There are many reasons for my decision to leave. The main reason is UNFAMILIAR. All of a sudden, I feel like GTQ is so unfamiliar to me.
  5. My interests have changed big time. GTQ is no longer the same. Now GTQ is all about 1D, Bieber or HP. I can't stand any of that. I'm not a 12yrs old. I've grown up.
  6. There are more people leaving GTQ in the forums everyday. Which makes me sad. There are so many new authors and users have joined Gtq. Not to mention most of the newcomers spoil gtq. . . . .
  7. I'm more into WWE these days. I'm a wwe fan for almost 13 years. And i've never been obsessed with it like i'm right now.
  8. I love The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) They are absolutely flawess. They are all hot!! Not to mention Rollins's hairstyle is the most hottest hairstyle in the world! And also he's the most hottest guy in the world.
  9. Aj lee (in the pic) is my current fave diva. She's so tiny. But she's the most awesomest girl in the world. I love that crazy chick. She's the most sweetest too.... She replied to me on Twitter twice. Not once... TWICE.
  10. I like 'The Awesome' Miz too. Oh my god! His movie Marine is coming out soon. I can't wait! The last wwe move i watched is Randy Orton's. Randy stealed hollywood's spotlight. Lets see what Mike(TheMiz) does.
  11. Lastly, i like to thank Aria for everything. I love her to death. She will always be my rolemodel. Thank you Aria.
  12. I also love to Thank each and everyone in GTQ. THANK YOU guys.
  13. Bye guys.

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