What Animal Are You Most Like?

Humans. Are you bored of being human? Well, too bad because you can't do anything about that. You can cry about it all you want. But, in the meantime, take this quiz and see which type of animal you WOULD be given that you were born one. (RANDOM WELL-KNOWN FACT: HUMANS ARE ACTUALLY ANIMALS!)

Ever wonder what type of animal you would be if you were born one? Or actually, what type of animal lies inside of you? (Not literally...) Then take this quiz and see what you really are!

Created by: Cassandra
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  1. At a party, a stranger of the opposite gender bumps into you. Both of you fall face flat onto the floor. They apologize to you. You:
  2. A friend calls you. They want you to come to the movies on Friday, if possible. There will be friends of them that you never met before, though. You:
  3. You are asked to give a speech tomorrow for whatever reason it may be. The next day, you show up and present it. You:
  4. You are visiting a relative in another state over the weekend. They take you to the mall, but there are only 9 minutes until the mall closes. You know that you are leaving your relatives' house tomorrow, so you have to make the best choice as to which store to shop at. You go for:
  5. Merry Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year ~ Anyways, you are excited to see what you've gotten! You got everything you wanted so far, but now it's time to open presents from Great Aunt Bernice. (?) You open it, expecting something wonderful, but it's terrible! You:
  6. A person you've seen around but never really talked to tells you that they have loved you the very moment they set eyes on you. You:
  7. You go to buy a pet. You decide on a puppy, and there are six to chose from, each with a different personality. You choose:
  8. Which of these has (a) word(s) that would describe you?
  9. You are asked your favorite colour. Which choice has your favorite colour in it?
  10. You pick a book up in the library. Which best sounds like something you'd read?

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