Valentine The Quiz

Welcome to VAlentine the quiz an awesome romantic quiz seris for all of the awesome deltails see the next paragraufgh. thanks you so much or taking my quiz.

You have just moved to a new town the first few parts take place in mid October but ends in Feburary you meet three kinds of boys the jock, the popular guy, and the nerd all like you now start

Created by: dreamer12

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  1. Hey gurls ready to get into the romantic world of Valentine The Quiz
  2. You've just started at a new school in early October you spy a hot looking guy. With dark brown hair and pericing grey eyes he's average hieght and wearing a sporty tshirt and gym shorts.
  3. The hottie comes over to you "Hey you must be the new student, I'm Cole and you are" "____" "Sweet name" he says "Let me see your secduale" you show it to him and he says your in basicly the same classes. another jock calls him over "Oh gotta go nice talking to you" he says winks and leaves
  4. You go to the water fountain where a girl is "Hi you must be new I haven't seen you around, I'm Erin you must be _____" you look at her she's wearing designer clothes but seems like the type of friend you've been hoping for. "Don't bother with the clothes my cousin designed it" she says "I'll take you to my peeps you're not badly dressed out of the kids here you rank pretty high on the list" she goes on.
  5. Erin takes you to the auditorium where 3 boys and one girl are "Hey peeps" she says the all turn "This is ____ she looks cool enough for us" then she turns to you. "Oh ____ these are my peeps Amber, Kyle, Bret and Jacob." Jacob winks at you he has blonde hair and green eyes he's average hieght and is wearing cool clothes like everyone else
  6. Amber comes over to Erin "Erin you forgot about to see if she is worthy or not" Amber says "Right" Erin says "But she is she's pretty, nice and stylish" you blush anyway Jacob comes over to you "Hey hottie I'm Jacob" "Hi I'm ____" he winks "You're so like hot" you blush again Kyle comes over "Hey I'm Kyle" and then Bret "Nice to meet you" Erin says they need to have a meeting and will tell you if your in tomarrow.
  7. You go into the hall way and acsidently bump into a kid with red hair and big green eyes his clothes are far from stylish
  8. "Oh I'm so sorry" he says "I'm Landon and you are" "____" "Oh I like that name where you named after some one special" "Um yes" "Really so was I, I was named after my dad sadly he was the handsomest and most loved kid here when he went here and I'm just a nerd don't get me wrong I like being a geek" he goes on you nod not wanting to be rude "So tecnacily I'm Landon Reds the third" he says blushing
  9. You walk home and your mom asks you how school was since it was your first day you say it was good and you met three guys she asks you which one you like
  10. By the way. Erin has blonde hair with pink streaks, Amber has black hair with ornage streaks, Kyle has blonde hair, and Bret has black hair

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