Valentine The Quiz 4

Boo it's Halloween in Valentine the quiz It's so gonna be awesome all guys express their love in different ways on Halloween just see for yourselve girl


Created by: dreamer12
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  1. It's a week later from last time we spoke. You and Erin are discusing the Halloween ideas "I'm gonna go as a rock star" Erin says "I've been thinging more of going as a black cat with sparkly pink ears" you say "Nice" Amber comes over "You girls talking about Halloween" she asks "Yes" "I'm thinking of going as a toad from Super Maroi Bros. or maybe a sea monster" "Oh those are so good ideas I'm going as a cat and Erin plans to be a popstar" you say and turn to Amber "Why don't you go as a pirate princess" "Awesome" Amber says thats what I'll do
  2. Cole comes over to you "Hello ladies" he says "____ will you like to go with me to the Halloween dance" you shriek "Sure" "Great I'm going as a knight cause I'm sorta into mideval stuff other than sports" then he leaves cause Ginny and Turner are coming "Oh my gosh you're so lucky going with Cole" Amber says "Hopefuly Bret will ask me out" she say dreamily "Hey girls guess what my aunt Emma is coming she's a fashion model" you say "Ooooh" Erin says "You mean Emma Tipts" Erin says you nod "Awesome"
  3. The other guys come over "Hey girls" Jacob says "About the Halloween dance sorry ____ I got a date this girl Ginny asked me before I answered she already said it was a date" Jacob says "I'm going as a prince Kyle's going as a pirate and Bret's going as a monster" he says
  4. You keep talking "Jacob how did Ginny ask you out" Amber says "Well I was walking by the lockers and she grabed me saying that we were going together to the dance I couldn't refuse plus she's a hot cheerleader" you nod "Jacob am I hot" you and Erin say at the same time "Yes duh" he says unsure
  5. You and the girls ignore Jacob for dating a nonhot girl Landon comes up to you "Hi ____ Are you going with anyone to the dance I don't have a date yet so will you go with me" "Sorry I've got a date" "Oh thats too bad we could stop at the library and look at novels to check out and read together" you roll your eyes "OK"
  6. A few nights later you and Cole head to school for the Halloween party "____ you look good as a cat" he says "You look cute as a knight" "You'll be my princess cat" he says you both laugh you get to the gym Erin comes up to you in her popstar out fit with Bret behind her "Hey kitty hi sir Cole" you laugh "Hi Hannah Montana hi Monster under the bed" the teacher gets up onto the bleacher "Oh good everyone is early let's eat then dance karioke and finally the costume contest cio" You, Cole, Erin,and Bret wave as Amber and Kyle come in "We changed plans Kyle as Jack Sparow and me as Angelica" Amber says "Oh hi Cole you're ___ date" "Yes" the boys start talking about movies and you girls join in the conversation
  7. You're eating your favorite Hallwoeen candy when the music starts to Selena Gomez Cole gets up "Care to dance" he says holding out his hand you accept and do aan awesomely cool dance with him all the other kids look you see Ginny and Jacob competing with your dance moves but they're no match everyone starts dancing you, Cole, Erin Bret , Kyle and Amber take over the dance floor with you and Cole leading the pack Jacob sits down with Ginny "He is so good Ginny it's sad really" Ginny nods the song ends and plays Justin Bieber Never say Never you and Cole start break danceing
  8. You two are having so much fun danceing and bonding then you come up "Cole I think I'll sing karioke and he the first one" "Ok sweet heart good luck" he sits down with the Peeps minus Jacob you sing along with Taylor Swift Fearless Cole whispers to Kyle and Bret "She has such a pretty voice" they nod "She should realy be a singer" Erin says after you finish Amber goes up and sings Hannah Montana Pumpin up the Party you smile at Cole "You did great I really couldn't have guessed you had that great a voice baby" he says you blush
  9. After that Erin comes up "Every one I'll sing Selena Gomez A Year Without Rain" she sings beutlyfuly Cole takes you by the hand in the corner "_____ ever since I've met you I've liked you so" he and you kiss then go back to your table everything is normal all of you are talking then Erin comes down you whisper to her about Cole and you kissing you've already told Amber about it Jacob keeps looking at you giving you the evil eye
  10. Landon comes over to the karioke machine "Can I sing" he syas he sings a song he wrote called Kissing Chemistry he looks straight at Erin while he sings it not at you Jacob see's who he's loking at and laughs he seems to hate you and the peeps now Landon's song is kinda aweful but kids aplaud anyway Amber whispers to you "It really wasn't the worst song ever" you nod
  11. After Karioke your teacher gets up "Now for the costume contest for girls first" you go up first then Erin Amber says she entered the one for couples so she didn't enter the girl one Cole cheers you on Jacob is cheering for Ginny Landon for all girls
  12. The judges vote Erin the winner and you in second place everyone congratulates you and you both get awards music starts to play "Oh my gosh ____ we actually are winners I get gold award you get silver this is like the best Halloween ever, and it's not even over yet" next is the boys costume contest the winner is Bret and second place is another kid named Cal who went as the karate kid "Congratulations Bret" you all say you did great as a monster next is the couples you notice Jacob and Ginny are dressed as a prince and princess you cheer on Amber and Kyle who end up winning Jacob and Ginny come in second

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